Reporting Framework

A mini design system for infographics and reports throughout Cvent's multi-product platform.

Company: Cvent
Role: Leading Product Designer
Collaborators: Product Manager, Engineering, User Research Team, Design System Team
This is a screenshot of our internal sandbox prototyping the new dashboard view I designed.


Cvent is a SaaS company for hoteliers and event planners at enterprise and mid-market companies. Cvent built a Reporting Framework which provides functionality and interface component toolkits for data visualizations and tables. Various sprint teams (authoring teams) use the Reporting Framework and its Authoring Tool to create reports using data specific to their area of the Cvent platform: surveys, event management, appointments, etc. In my role, I designed components for the Reporting Framework, communicated different authoring teams’ needs to the Reporting Framework delivery team, and designed a new dashboard view. I also worked with our user research team and conducted self-service research to evaluate usability and identify opportunities for new reports.