Client: Cvent
Role: Product Designer
Duration: 2017 - present


I work as an in-house Product Designer at Cvent, an event and hospitality technology company. Below, I articulate what that entails. Also, I am a designer on the Enterprise design team.

01. Framework

A framework is a set of reusable UI components and interaction patterns. Cvent builds its own in-house framework to be used for reports and dashboards. From Cvent’s Hospitality Cloud to the Event Cloud, different product teams throughout the Cvent platform leverage the Reporting Framework to build data displays that render responsively across devices. The business goal behind developing the Reporting framework are: 1) as teams leveraging reusable components, we decrease design and development time and effort and 2) enhancements to this single framework lead to enhancements throughout the platform.

At Cvent, I am the design lead on the Reporting Framework team. In this role, I communicate with other designers and PMs across the platform to understand shortcomings of our Framework. I then collaborate with product management to prioritize which shortcomings are the most acute and which we should address first.

Now that the Reporting Framework has reached parity with the most critical pieces of old reporting schemes, I am working with Product Management leadership to identify long-term strategic direction and to design concepts to bring the Reporting Framework to the next level of value. For example, I am designing enhanced dashboard functionality and how the Reporting Framework can surface actionable insights to our customers.

I am also redesigning Cvent’s Internal Report Authoring Tool. Our goal is for this tool to make creating reports and dashboards easy for all product teams. Our long-term goal is for non-technical folks such as Customer Service professionals to be able to build out reports using this tool, too.

Cvent is an agile organization, so I also run with the Reporting Framework scrum team and support UI tickets during sprints.

02. Event Reports

I am also the lead designer for reports in Cvent’s Event Core product. Today, Event Core hosts the largest volume of reports for event planners to understand the health of their event, prove ROI to stakeholders, extract data for system integrations, track budgets, and manage logistics. I then leverage the Reporting Framework to design reports. This requires deep understanding of our customers’ user journeys and workflows in order to nail the story we tell with reports. I also work with Engineering and Product Management to understand what data sources are available to pull into reports and how we can present that data in a way that is digestible, meaningful, and technically sensible.

03. Internal Process

Even though Cvent has been around for 20 years, the UX Group is relatively new to the company. Organizationally, we are exploring how UX can collaborate with Product Management to identify strategic opportunities, develop concepts, and validate ideas before creating feature lists and updating sprint backlogs. Per the request of the Senior Director of User Experience, I am on the leadership team building out how Design Sprints can be integrated into Cvent’s product development process. Additionally, I am the go-to facilitator of Design Sprints at Cvent.

I also conducted self-initiated exploration to understand how Cvent Product Designers were conducting user research in their work. Per the recommendation of my manager, I led workshops on designers’ current user research practices at Cvent for the UX Group’s Leadership In-Week.

04. User Research

Because the User Research team at Cvent is still small, I conduct a lot of self-service user research to discover product opportunities and to evaluate Cvent’s current solutions. Specifically, my user research at Cvent has focused on the Reporting Framework and Event Reports. I use methods such as moderated interviews, card sorts, click-through studies, and survey analysis supplemented by product usage data.

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