In-Progress: Blueprint

Client: MakerEd
Role: UI/UX Designer
Duration: 4 months

The Problem

While in grad school, Maker Ed challenged teams of students to develop a scaleable and accessible framework for documenting, sharing, and assessing projects in portfolios. My team and I made a high fidelity prototype of a mobile app that semester. The app facilitates high school students giving high quality peer-to-peer feedback on each other’s projects and process work.

A full year later, as I reflect on what we produced, I want to continue iterating on the design. Therefore, my redesign is currently in progress.

About Our Original Project

Maker Ed, an education nonprofit, worked with one of my grad school classes to investigate design solutions for project based learning. On a team of four students, we listened to students, teachers, and administrators who came to our classroom, and we collaborated with a Pennsylvania public school to understand: what did project-based learning look like, and what did students and teachers do with these projects?

A key insight we took away was that while teachers are increasingly integrating projects into their classrooms and colleges take into consideration students’ passion projects, it’s difficult for students to get continued feedback on projects to keep improving beyond a single unit. Teachers have too many students to support and are not experts in project disciplines, and it’s difficult for schools to connect with domain experts to give guidance to students.

However, learning science research shows that sufficient quantities of thoughtful peer-to-peer feedback can help students improve just as much as an expert’s feedback. Therefore, Blueprint’s intention is to help students give each other useful feedback in a way that is easy and fun.

You can view a blog post about my information architecture revamp for this app.

You can also view a user flow diagram for the revamp.